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Cyber Security Services

RainbowNet is dedicated to providing range of Cyber Security Services focussed on Network Security, Information and Data Security, Security Infrastructure Assessment Services, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be even better than what we are today.

Our Mission

We deliver measurable results to our clients.

Implementation Services

RainbowNet employs team of Security Industry Experts with experience in implementing innovative security solutions. RainbowNet can deliver turn-key security solutions and infrastructure projects in all phases from conceptualization to planning, implementation and operation. With our consistent focus on achieving the highest possible technical capabilities in each of our core focus technologies we can deliver technical implementation services at the highest standard available in the industry. With our vast experience we can assist in undertaking a full project, engage in any phase of a project or assist in controlling already implemented solutions.

Network Security

Network Security Audit is an important tool for any organization in order to understand the precautions taken against the everyday security risks. Quite often many technical solutions have been deployed in order to fix a specific security problem, but due to misconfiguration or lack of understanding of the technology or the problem trying to be solved, only limited value is gained from the solution. Through the extensive experience gained by RainbowNet’s technical team we can offer a holistic view of the network security implemented in an organization. Our Network Security Assessment can be used as an important planning tool in addressing identified issues and handling security objectives at hand.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability analysis externally or internally is a network security service, the objective of which is to find out possible vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in network components and to provide recommendations for actions to protect the organization network against discovered vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.Vulnerabilities and security weaknesses are analysed by utilizing a highly effective combination of network security analysis tools, which provide extensive and up to date coverage of security checks. This is done to ensure that the given recommendations to solve security problems are suitable for the client’s network environment. A comprehensive audit report categorizes the revealed security flaws according to their priority and provides recommendations for fixing the identified problems.

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